Adding questions to PDF presentations


There are two ways to add a question to a PDF presentation. The first one is to include a magic code when authoring the presntation (in PowerPoint of Keynote) and the other is to download the converted HTML presentation and insert them manually.
Both methods have cons and pros as summarized int he following table:

Method Magic code Manually
Preserve original contents of question slide
HTML knowledge
Ease of Use ★★★★★ ★★
Styling ★★★★★
Multiple questions per exercise

Method 1. Using a Magic code

Step 1. Find the question you want to embed.

Go to the ‘My Questions’ page where you will see a list of all your questions.

Step 2. Copy the magic code to the Presentation authoring tool

When you find the question you would like to embed, click the ‘EMBED’ button and a magic code will be copied to your clipboard. Go to the authoring tool of your choice and paste the magic code to the slide where you want the question to appear.

Important: All of the slide’s contents will be removed and in their place the question will be injected.

Step 3. Export to PDF

Export to PDF as described in Convert from PDF (PowerPoint and Keynote)

Step 4. Upload to ASQ

Upload the exported PDF to ASQ as described in in Convert from PDF (PowerPoint and Keynote)

Method 2. Manually insert to converted HTML presentation

Step 1. Convert the PDF presentation in ASQ

Please follow the guide here.

Step 2. Download the converted presentation from ASQ

In the ‘My presentations’ page, find the presentation you would like to add a question to and click the ‘Download presentation’ button (hover over the presentation for the button to appear).

Step 3. Write the HTML code for the question

To see how to add ASQ questions you read the quide here. You don’t need to install and include the default elements. They are already included in your downloaded presentation.

Step 3.a) On an existing slide

Find the slide of interest and add the question write after the opening tag of the slide. Example:

Step 3.a) On new slide

Add a new slide by using the correct syntax for your framework of choice. it’s important the new slides have a unique id attribute.

impress.js Example:

<div id="my-question-slide" class="step">
<!-- Enter questions here -->

reveal.js Example:

<section id="my-question-slide">
<!-- Enter questions here -->

Step 4. (Optional) Style the question

Follow the Styling guide

Step 5. Reupload to ASQ

This time you will have to upload the HTML presentation. Follow the guide here: