Convert from PDF (PowerPoint and Keynote)


In order to support PowerPoint and Keynote presentations we allow you to upload a PDF version of them to ASQ. Then we convert the uploaded PDF to a fully featured HTML presentation.

Step 1. Export a PDF from PowerPoint of Keynote

The first step is to export a PDF of your presentation from PowerPoint or Keynote. Both programs support PDF exports, but only Keynote supports exporting each stage of a slide as a new PDF page (for example when you reveal bullets one by one). To enable this in the PDF export modal select the “Print each stage of builds” option.

Step 2. Upload to ASQ

Just drag and drop the exported PDF presentation to the ‘Upload Presentation’ page of ASQ and select your favorite presentation framework, for example ‘impress.js’. Click ‘Upload’ and your presentation will get uploaded to ASQ and the conversion will start. You will be redirected to your ‘presentations’ page where you can follow the conversion progress.